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" Theunis "  wolf-note  eliminator

" Wolf Tuner "

The Well tempered Pegbox
After 500 years howling in the dark, by the violin the viola and the cello, the pegbox
which up to now had been considered only as a mechanical purpose, appears to be
a highly effective acoustic horn.
By experimenting with the Wolf-tuner I recently discovered that the strings in the
pegbox are tuned in thirds and fifths of the played strings. 
It's like a unsuspected sound box.
When you set a Wolf-tuner in the pegbox that allow to use those hidden resources to
tame wolves by tuning this high potential sounding peg box.

To Tame a Wolf on  Violin and  Viola,  the first model to choose   /

 Titanium    Wolf-Tuner     75 €   


To Tame a Wolf on  Cello,  the first model to choose  /   

"G" model    Wolf-Tuner    75€


For a wild Wolf on Cello you'll need  / 

2 x  "G"  model   Wolf-Tuner   +  120 €

  Shipping express Free of charges 




Do not hesitate to ask for advices for the choice of your wolf-note  eliminator .

Please send me details about your instrument and the wolf by e mail  :   


" Theunis "  wolf - note  eliminator

For  /  Cello ,   Violin & Viola 

" Wolf Tuner "

Cello Setting Sketch / Clic here 

Violin & Viola Setting Sketch / Clic here 

Different models can be use on various positions :

-      Cello  " G "  Tuner   :  A special alloy which is  particularly valuable to control the  cello wolf-note  /  For a wolf / E > F #


      2 " G " Tuner   :     " Butterfly set "      To play freely with the wildest wolves.  


-  Titanium Tuner :   Ultra light, Special for Violin & Viola,  also for Cello

                                   To tame little Wolves  it improves the sound projection and balances the 4 strings

                                   It can be set as well  near the tailpiece as in the peg box


-    Silver  Tuner simple :   Cello & Viola  with a wolf / E > F#

-    Silver  Tuner simple :   Violin   with a wolf /  C  > C#

-    Silver  Tuner  "Alpha" : 

     spécial for Cello  with a recalcitrant wolf  /  D >E

The lower tone of Silver improves the bass frequencies


 -   Gold   18 Kt  :    "Alchemist "    Special for Solo Violin

The wealth of Gold tones is particularly indicated for solo Violin. it sublimes the instrument.

It can be set as well  near the tailpiece as in the peg box.


   The different models can be combined, through their cumulative effects


   Order  by  e-mail : violons.eu@gmail.com

Do not hesitate to ask for advice for the choice of your Tuner

" G "  Tuner       :         special alloy                                            for    Cello    /     75 €                                        

 2  X  " G "  Tuner         Butterfly set                                for      Cello  /   120 €            

Titanium  Tuner    :          Violin   -      Viola/ 75 €        Cello  /    75 €           

Silver  Tuner   (simple)        :     Violin  -   Viola / 110 €            Cello    /    110  €     

Silver  Tuner   "A"              :     "Alpha"  for Cello        / 120 €                   


Gold 18 Kt  Tuner    :  Violin - Viola / 300 €            Cello    /   350 €    

Titanium Tuner    :                Bass      /  110  €                                      


Do not hesitate to ask the almost impossible, and The  " Theunis "  wolf - note  eliminator  just do it.

Have you ever longed to play a Stradivarius? Now is your chance! Fit a  " Theunis " Wolf-tuner  to your instrument today and live your dream. This ingenious invention harmonises conflicting frequencies without dampening them or in any way altering your instrument’s authentic sound-producing properties. This  Wolf-tuner  subtly enhances the tonal richness and resonance of your instrument, thereby granting you unique access to a quality of sound best described as pure magic – the “Stradivarius” effect. With the Wolf-tuner anything becomes possible.

The Wolf-tuner goes far beyond merely suppressing wolf notes. It improves the whole playing experience beyond your wildest expectations. Above all, by balancing the 4 strings, it makes your instrument easier and more enjoyable to play. In addition, it helps produce ‘warmer’ high frequencies and more ‘wholesome’ bass notes. This results in significantly greater sound projection in the concert hall and an infinitely more pleasurable experience for the musician and the audience.

A Stradivarius violin was fitted with a Wolf-tuner during the 2015 Queen Elizabeth Competition. With the Wolf-tuner, you too will be captivated by your instrument’s endless new possibilities.


The term " Wolf-eliminator " implies suffocating the wolf. However the light-weight structure of the Wolf-tuner enables it to harmonise conflicting frequencies without dampening them.

When placed on a string, the Wolf-tuner synchronises all new frequencies as they are produced.

A traditional Wolf-eliminator is used in a similar way; however the Wolf-tuner enables a much greater range of sounds to be produced; thanks to its design and lightweight structure.


A scientific study conducted by Gunnar Gidion of the Physics Department of the University of Potsdam endorses the effectiveness of the Wolf-tuner with the following remarks:

“We can confirm what you have probably known all along. The Wolf-tuner has a profound impact on tone enrichment”.

Link to   /    Scientific Study     PDF

It produces the greatest range of harmonics when the device is placed sideways  with the opening directed towards the "f" holes.
The part of the string between the tailpiece and the Wolf-tuner can be tuned on the wolf note. This enables interfering frequencies to be absorbed.

The same procedure can be applied to the cello, the viola, the violin and the double bass.


The Wolf-tuner experienced by:

Raphael Wallfisch
" I hate losing all that expensive quality " ,says Raphael Wallfisch on the subject of wolf note suppression and cello sound. Until recently he was using the Güth Wolftöter on his Gagliano cello but has just discovered the new ‘Wolf Tuner’ made by André Theunis. This light-weight (2.8g) solid silver suppressor slips over the string below the bridge like the New Harmony but has a centre of gravity very eccentric to the string and works very well for Raphael. 

Claire Goldfarb

" Simply speaking, it is far better to play with Wolves rather than to cage them ! André THEUNIS has invented the Wolf Tuner, a silver jewel, which creates a Golden sound!!!

A brilliant sensation coupled with the natural depth of the instrument is suddenly revealed when this  “jewel” is placed on the instrument.

Those musically difficult areas which are often troubled, challenging between “E et F Sharp” finally find the response which brings with it a harmonious sound which is no longer closed, nasal or restrained.

The purity of the  design  and just how easy it is to use, make it much more refined than the other systems I  have tried before.

Much to my surprise, when I  first heard the Wolf Tuner on a Violin, I could clearly hear a huge difference. it improved the sound, making it smoother, clearer and incredibly rich.

If you try it out and experience it… you will certainly hear it "

 Marie Sapey-Triomphe:

 " Miraculous…your wolf,, tried only on the Charotte - Cello !!!!

It’s absolutely FABULOUS…incredible, crazy !!!

 I’m lost for words,,,

 After barely 2 hours of experimenting, the instrument is totally transformed,

 A much softer, more pleasurable sound, deeper and richer tones.

 Are you a Super-human stringed instrument maker? !!!! An inventor, a magician? “

 Listeners  remarks:

" Will a contestant in the Queen Elizabeth Music Competition be allowed to use a

Wolf-tuner ? "

" I would answer that Wolf suppressors as always being used  "

Marc De Vreese:

" I don’t know a single stringed instrument maker who isn’t inspired by Stradivarius or a single violinist who doesn’t dream of owning one…The Wolf-tuner makes your dreams come true.

This ingenious invention is a true harmonics amplifier. It enhances the sound in ways you would never imagine which makes playing infinitely more pleasurable.

Once you try it, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been mesmerised by it. " 

Philippe Fromont: 

Once again, I would like to express my appreciation for your attentiveness yesterday and for taking such good care of my cellos.

Thanks to you, the Mougenot has been set free. The suppressed notes I was familiar with have been replaced by a warm, polished sound.

The Apparut et Hilaire has finally found its master, you, Master stringed instrument maker. I have never before been able to play it with the serenity I can today. In the past, it had a mind of its own; today it gives in to the music. Such a joy!  It maintains its brilliance, its exuberance, but has settled down. It has a greater range of harmonics and its strength can now be tamed. Let me assure you this is not flattery but my way of saying it was a pleasure to have met you, and simply: thank you. "

Etienne Deconinck :

 “Since having the ‘tuner’, I am no longer afraid of wolves…” 

Annie David:

“I am writing to thank you for your ingenious invention which is the Wolf-tuner. I was talking about it with Mme Deletaille who said I must tell you what I thought of it.

 Thanks to the Wolf-tuner I feel my violin is producing much lighter, stronger sounds; while maintaining its fullness. Like ripples, murmurs; an added dimension to the sounds already produced. It’s like a soap bubble, rising effortlessly and peacefully; radiating every colour of the rainbow as it subtly passes from one tone to another of the same colour, under the sun which is the bow. It greatly enriches the sound, which makes playing the violin even more pleasurable."